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Annie Wong

Xiao Hong Mao Financial Coach

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP CERT TM Professional)
  • Certified Professional Trainer, (IPMA), UK
  • Accredited Color Accounting Facilitator (Wealthvox)
  • Sc (Summa cum laude)
  • Professional Numerologist
  • 10 years experience in the field of training and SME business consulting
  • Sun Tzu Finance Class
  • Sun Tzu Accounting (Beginner)
  • Sun Tzu Accounting & Tax (Advanced)
  • Numerology (Beginner)
  • Numerology (Advanced)
  • One-to-One Consultation


X-Cupid Spiritual Coach

  • 焦点解决模式认证教练(Certified Solution Focused Coach)
  • 香港催眠及身心灵整合中心 一念之转引导师课程结业
  • 水瓶时代X教练团心灵合伙人(奇蹟pd)
  • 生命教育桌游与心灵牌卡教练
  • “ 坚信只要认识自己的本质,找回内在的力量,必能活出生命的意义 ”
  • 幸福方程式
  • 焦点对话
  • 1对1疗心服务
  • 1对1教练服务

Edmund Ng

Networking Expertise

  • The Asia King Maker 亚洲造王者创办人
  • 各大企业背后的企业计划导师,成功整合超过10家公司,同时拥有超过22,279位学生
  • 网络营销战略成功帮助许多传统行业扩大生意通道,转型线上
  • “引导走对的路,去对的地方,做对的事,少走弯路”
  • Inviter Network Basic
  • Inviter Expert
  • Inviter Partner
  • Inviter Superhero
  • The Asia King Maker 亚洲造王者创办人
  • 各大企业背后的企业计划导师,成功整合超过10家公司,同时拥有超过22,279位学生
  • 网络营销战略成功帮助许多传统行业扩大生意通道,转型线上
  • “引导走对的路,去对的地方,做对的事,少走弯路”

Austin Tan

Property Trainer

  • 7 Years working experience in construction industry (Back-end)
  • 4 Years working experience as a mortgage realtor (Frontline)
  • Have a rich background in real estate industry
  • Well-educated and have a comprehensive understanding towards the real estate industry
  • Property Closing Skills Workshop

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